Who we are

Fax though sounds a little outdated, is still one of the preferred ways of communication. Many organisations still see signed fax documents as strong legally than any other documents.

So when there is a request for fax, what do you do? You definitely can't neglect, because that’s a request, it needs to be fulfilled. Your business or your work is at stake, which can't be risked just over a piece of technology.


Here comes our service, internet faxing service. Very reliable and efficient, at your fingertips. You needn’t roam around, pay ahefty price and stand in a long tiring queue to finish up your task.

We are a reliable, award winning internet fax service providers, used by many businesses- small scale or large, individuals and others to send and receive faxes via emails. This can be done from any point on the globe. You can never run out of paper, or remain busy for this service, as its with you, on the go!


With internet service activated, you don’t need fax machines. All you need is any device that can connect to internet-tablet, computer, laptop, smartphone etc, and an active internet connection.      

Planetpdaexpo have best packages that suit each one's requirement. We have different plans for theregular and bulk user, different packages for occasional users and for the very rare users too we have something to offer.


We provide the 13 Best Apps to Maximize Your Business Productivity | Inc.com free services too- up to a marginal number of pages- to receive and send faxes, for that rare customers. We believe in assisting you in every step, in all possible ways.  So, why spend when you have something for free?? when said free, we never compromise on the quality of service rendered.


Quality service is our motto. We have dedicated a team of professionals working behind screens to enable smooth and safe services for all ourpatron's. We help you in expanding and being a successful business player in your field with our improvised services.